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Is Each one Capable? ( PART XVI of my TQOP series )

Probably Not! Probably Yes!

Capability is the inherent or achieved ability to accomplish a task. To be capable - at the time of need - is an attribute the whole world looks for.

Capability of past and /or of future brings in no accolades. For there is an adage- A friend in need is friend indeed. Substitute ‘Friend’ with ‘Capability’ to read the implied. At the time of need- but it needs a strategic preparation for the distant opportunity:

Part 16 of my series on Each one is Capable of “A Total Quality Organisation Thru’ People” is available in electronic-form on the world wide web: Part 16- Each one is Capable is about:


People are the backbone of any organisation. Any one! – a big foundry or a small foundry; an automated foundry or a manual foundry. Any caste or creed of the foundry will be determined by its people. As the people are developed, the backbone gets stronger, there emanates an all-round benefit, in an ever maturing organisation, improving business process and people, with a higher and higher brand.

This paper discusses the pathway for an organisational success. The last portion of this part is fictional, giving a Benchmarkable description of the style a foundry must wear. Hope the foundry becomes capable!

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1. Posted byJ Johnsonfff on August 9th, 2009 at 8:07 pm

very informative view on organization; maybe controversial?

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