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Dr. A. Sivathanu Pillai, Distinguished Scientist & Chief Controller R&D (ACE & NS) was in Pb Engineering College to address the students and Faculty on 5th Nov. 08, and gave a meticulous, inspiring and patriotic lecture.
He cited extensive competence to meet challenges of Technology to Indian Engineers, most times denied, with a big NO.
The question emerges, if that competence is available, then why does India lag in small and trifle things?
Dr. A. Sivathanu Pillai also spelled big scope for Indian Aeronautical Engineering students. However there was a contradicion, If there was a plethora of imported cars here, how can India expect to be at the forerunning in aero maintenance etc?
There is however a silverlining. Consider this:
The auto boom world wide is essentially demand-driven, and not cost-driven: “The primary reason the facilities and engineers in emerging markets like China, India, Brazil, and the Czech Republic are on the rise is because here an increasing number of cars are being made and sold,” . If the demand for engineering and technical development originates from emerging-markets, their competence will naturally proliferate, which is deduced from the hypothesis above. However the trick here is that the know what and inputs to the ‘Continuous Quality Improvement‘ stimulus too emerges from here. . “In China and India,” says Asaf Farashuddin, vice president of corporate strategy,
of Visteon, North America “a lot of people who own vehicles, especially the larger vehicles, have chauffeurs, and the owners sit in the back seat. So you have to design audio systems and climate control systems so they can be controlled from the back seat, as well as from the front seat. That’s a piece of insight that you pick up only when you’re in China and India working with local engineers.”
By 2011, China is reportedly expected to be the largest auto market in the world, and India to be the fifth-largest. As auto sales in emerging markets increase, the auto
industry will continue to move R&D to these markets. Opines Farashuddin: “Our analysis shows that China is already the largest importer of automotive R&D, and its share will keep growing”. The objective is to improve “automotive intellect”: to describe the knowledge gained through the process of designing cars and the components that go into them.
says Farashuddin “Until recently, the flow of automotive intellect has been going from the West to the emerging markets. But..five years from now, you’ll see some leading technology being developed first in India or China, and flowing back to the West.”
ref Beyond Borders: The Global Innovation 1000
by Barry Jaruzelski and Kevin DehoffDownload report

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