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“Message, at the ist Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh’s Newsletter”
The time and place to get SET are always holy. But to sustain a place as holy, one must continue to work with the right zeal. We get set by firmly increasing our Skill, Education and Training. The measure for continued skill enhancement is the confidence as is the performance. Metrics for Education are not the papers you qualify (and the respective Grade). It is rather the competencies one acquires. Translating them into functions is Skills. If there are any impediments go for training.
However there is one vital thing which should facilitate get you SET in equilibrium. To SEAT firmly in place one needs to add ‘A’ into one’s un-spelt credentials. This un-spelt credential is what may not be visible, but becomes apparent the moment one lands into a (job) profile. The job may extend from own time indulgence (even study) to that of serving an organisation for, maybe, profit. This A is spelled as Attitude. Attitude deserves and gets Full 100 marks in terms of the seat the constituent letters claim in English alphabet. Our actions too should be synergized to make a similar impact in the life’s bet.

(P Thareja)
Head, Met Engg Deptt.
Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh

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