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Next LA course is planned at the request of our young students and practioners of TQM, at Deptt of Met Engineering, Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh.

The benefits of doing Lead Auditor Course ‘ISO 9001:2000′ attributed to Quality Management System ( QMS) are many:
1. Consumating Professionalism in TQM/ QMS
2. Improving Job Prospects ( Quantity wise)
3. Attaining Global qulification to IRCA accredited course ( UK).
The course is infact offered by IQMS London, and certificate of having attended or passed gets issued from UK.
4. Prospects of getting Job at some Certification Body in addition to jobs at Quality Assurance
5. Higher status when you get a common job. ( QuaLity wise)

( e.g. One can become a Management Representative)
6. Many ..Many more!
Oprotunities to earn ethical money galore!

Dates are 26th Dec to 30, Dec 2008/1st Jan 09, 5 days in all

About Last Course a brief intro in which all Seven passed successfully.

As a teacher I believe that Customer satisfaction is 1st prerogative. The teacher can not face rejection, since these are not material goods who can be scrapped:-( . And I like to take pride in my innovative, effective and efficient methods.

Priyavrat Thareja

prof p thareja

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