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A Total Quality Organization Thro’ People
(Part 18:

    8-D Ate Thy PROBLEMS


Foundries provide bread and butter to the Foundrymen. If the butter gains-up unsaturated fats (defects), the health of a foundry may be threatened, and so on… impacting the people’s (Foundrymen’s) health too. The purpose of this paper is to look at the aberrations in the whole perspective of problem creation and problem solving and how a dedicated defect abatement process can be launched.
This paper illustrates the Failure of a ‘Five Why’ process, and the use of a 5W-2H programme to analyse the defect case. The limitation for launching a Corrective action (CA) to abate defects for once and for all times (with Preventive action PA), and subsequent necessity of a Global 8-D programme to use augmented competence is described with the process map encompassing the journey from D1 to D8. The steps and their mandates describe that successful determination of due Escape points can continually equip the organisation for an ever increasing competency to defect abatement. For activating a strategic Problem solving competency one must rise above founding basics. Some examples of logical problems are exemplified, with special treatment to that of blow holes.

    Key Words:

SET up, SEAT , Five Why’ analysis, 6W-1H analysis, blow holes casting defect, Quality Control, Problem solving attitude and discipline,

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1. Posted byMr PRASHANT MESTRY on February 10th, 2009 at 7:02 pm

Dear Prof. P Thareja,
Few days back I delivered a presentation at Baroda, in IIF. I was just going through the magazine Foundry, I have seen your paper and surprised that how I have not seen such good paper and its previous 18 parts.
Foundry is my passion, I have spend 22 years in Foundry in four companies. Presently I am in Mahindra & Mahindra. I keep coming to Chandigarh very often for visiting our Foundry supplier mainly DCM. I am coming on 20th for 3-4 days.If you can give me all your previous 18 parts I will be very happy to go through that.
Prashant Mestry

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