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Hello students registered with TQM course.
The Elective # 1 Subject -

    Open Elective 1 = TQM

We can meet in Met Engg Deptt, on Thursday 22 nd Jan,
at 12 noon to 1 pm.

We have to sort out conflicts in Time Table, and I wish to apply Poka Yoke ( pronounce ‘oke’ not as choke or treee OAK but as O.K.)
Poka Yoke means Fool proofing, FTR ( First time right correction, and sort it for good ( long time)

I am available at 9815396006, internal 3955 ( or 3951). The Time table w/o conflict which suits me is:

Let us meet at 12 noon to 1 pm today
Mon 8-9 am ( though it is too cold :-( )
Tue 9-10 am ( difficult changes to remeber- eh)

Thurs 12 noon -1 pm
Friday 8-9 am ( sic! - Then, I have a clash there with ME).

(If Wed 11 to 12 does not suit you, then I have to sort with ME for the time of Friday?)

Yaa phir, unki class main aa Jao. aap wala subject kara denge.

For Class room (Please come near HOD met office, L-13, L 14) before it is settled)

Please join the web group for Notices

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