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Come 14th November, when India seeks the presence of Chandrayaan-1 in moon’s orbit,
It’s time Foundrymen target basic competencies, leaving the few easy bucks in gambit.
The Scientists and Engineers are honing the achieveables targeting Mars using rockets,
Foundrymen should’ve delved with reasons, how not to leave our spanners in sprockets.
Foundrymen may you actually pride over the competencies of your process as truth plain,
By denying Accurate & Precise castability so cheaply, don’t kill competencies all in vain.
The last opportunity to steam up our competencies, all within a challenging enterprise, but real steaming up Foundry is only possible by being energy and environment wise.
10 years- when the crude (resource) is gone, the castings would sustain with EEE quite;
It happens’till our molten metal left overnight allowed sleep too well & be morning tight. ((* ) EEE: energy environment efficiency) (Thareja, 2007c )
The castings which emerge out of molds (perhaps metallic ones), responsive and sound; only if by ballad ‘my foundry is the best’, your workers can pride in by saying it aloud!
(A roadmap for ‘What Systems (tools) will make my Foundry’ best was tabulated in the part 16: Each one is capable, Thareja, 2008,a ).
MIP Aditya’s story be emulated by Foundrymen, all with Founding spirits on rockets,
We too continually test rightful application of new technology and tools on sprockets. (MIP: Moon Impact Probe)

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