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What careers are in store for you?

Equipped with knowledge of Quality…. You are better off….
As a proficient worker,,,with profound knowledge

Having been able to analyse situations better?
Putting Data to better Work?
care for customer?
Implementing Continual improvement, and with the pull generated… be innovative?

So You have better jobs?
You seek better remuneration…
When the going ( Quality wise) is good.. You deserve better role in the organsiation..
Be near to the management as a Management Representative
and so on…

Careers in Quality:
(#) As a QC/QA engineer
(#)As a System responsible
(#) As a QMR (gives access to Topmost Boss, as his/her P.S.)
(#)As a TQM responsible
(#)As a Green Belt (after Green Belt course)
(#) Can work in Certification Bodies

(#)As an Internal auditor (after IQA course)
(#)As a Quality Council Facilitator (after IQA course)
(#)As a Quality Management Consultant Facilitator (after IQA course)

(#)As a work Evaluator (after LA Course)
(#)As an auditor (after LA Course)

Vist my article carrers in Quality ( Published in Quality World) excerpts are in here:- ”

carrers in Quality .
Or at

Why not read my original

    verse on Quality

my Definition of Quality in Verse.

The TQM page at Wikipedia developed by me.
As a Quality engineer
2. As a good worker

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