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Source : Thareja Priyavrat FOUNDRY July Aug. 2009 “The Instruments of Excellence for Foundrymen” July Aug. 2009

Examining the business case for developing a PE culture reveals many documented benefits which can be categorised broadly as improved productivity, top and bottom line growth and the organisation’s evolution from function-centered thinking to process-centered action.
The Options to Emulate Focusing on experiences in developing a PE culture in a Founding environment are the specific examples of process excellence deployments at various Foundries
of America. By systematically deploying process excellence, the company’s sites were able to achieve significant improvement in key areas. Examplary What is Excellence?
Excellence is a world class, enviable, unmatched, unprecedented performance emanating through a system in which various other models, manufacturing
frameworks, performance theories, management concepts and their interactions are nested.
Excellence actually describes itself through the following attributes:
• Being the Best in the Class,
• Demonstrating Consistency,
• Maintaining Sustainable Performance, and
• Being Exemplary.

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