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How to succeed in life is a priority agenda to strive?

First, Let’s define what is success?

Success is an important something which enables you to not only gain what you must, but also get more than what you deserve. This more has to be identified and be implement in a greatest but efficient way. Thereafter communicate, communicate, and communicate. To yourself for energy, To God to receive what you prey, and to people around you, to leave the way.

People ask- What do you value most? Is it performance? How about relationships? Perhaps its competencies or credentialing. We’re all different when it comes to what matters most, not to mention why it matters to us. So, to define success, there has to be agreement on what matters most. The situation, which may change over time, has a lot to do with defining success. For example, an association in a protracted, downward financial spiral, for example, may define success very differently than an association whose growth has been 30% per year for the past five years.

Here are some important success categories, with suggestions how they might be used.

Strategy–Does your organisation have a sustained record of performance to plan implementing priority agenda over time (successful strategy is not measured in 12-month cycles and someone’s pet agenda for the year)?
Voice of the customer—Who are our (right) customers and how do you know if they are satisfied (yes, there may be “wrong” customers)?
Financial—Do we have sustained performance over time meeting budget or ending each year with positive variances (no margin, no mission)?
Business operations—What is the record of new program development and existing program retirement over the past 5 years (are you still doing what you did 5 years ago)?
Learning & growth—What investment do we make on a consistent annual basis for volunteer’s & staff’s learning and growth in their association roles (no investment, no dividends)?

When you have figured out what matters most to your organisation and how you will measure success, it’s time to think about annual communications planning, which is important to your success. The plan is based around key messages that your organization wants to communicate about your successes. These key messages are important for association leaders—stakeholders and staff—to focus on, repeat and reinforce. The messages help everyone to understand and stay on the common language.

Of course we must maintain consistency in our thoughts and actions. Do allow for emerging opportunities and threats. What we don’t want to do is to swing the organization violently from one “theme” to another “theme” every 12 months. This redirection and continual change can be wasteful and discouraging. Success is vectorized. It must maintain the requisite direction….straight to success. Don’t expect windfalls. For, a Long earned success is more deserved and long lasting .

(Priyavrat Thareja)

Reference: influenced from Virgil Carter article on Acronym (August 28, 2007)

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