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Do you remember your first grade teacher? Perhaps you had feeble memories! In the race that you become “young professionals” , and the interim slogs at X +2, at the “bulls Eye or what ever, coaching for CAT, the cat’s eye got blemished.

The transition from young to young professional has certainly been an uphill battle; however, Aaron Wolowiec helps me bring out following five recommendations to make this life-changing transition more manageable:

1. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Determine what’s important to you. Establish a home/work balance and stick to your guns. Identify people around you who can keep you in check and who can serve as a sounding board when you just need to vent.

2. Actively participate in a professional association . Do not underestimate what this relationship can do for you. The resources are bountiful and can save you a lot of time and energy in fulfilling your responsibilities in the office. Serve on a committee, write an article or recruit new members. The opportunities to volunteer are endless.

3.Identify a mentor. This is someone who has your best interests at heart, can introduce you to the movers and shakers in your field, can serve as a reference when the time is right and can open up possibilities you never knew existed.

4. Develop a network . Find others with whom you can exchange problems and ideas. These individuals should include young professionals both locally and nationally, as well as others doing similar work at other associations.

5. Manage your professional development. Seek out opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skills. Work toward achieving a professional certification or designation in your field. Stay informed of the latest trends and best practices.

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