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Indian Schools and colleges closed in Pune:
Stay at home, is the mantra for your sustenance. No work, No growth, No enjoyment, and no life- worth the living- Only to keep H1N1 at Bay. The Swines dont let ya live! Agh!.

Who are the swines that make this virus reengineered? Is it the Bio-Technologists or the animals. If ya donna earn money, let assured they will not have their coffers filled in indefinitely. But that was a narrow money talk. The bigger question is the Quality of Life - of health or of society?

Do you have the answer?

There have been 200 odd deaths in India, nearly reported. Many died unsung deaths. The threadt are lomming gravely and large- out of our door steps. Caution! let’s limit the contacts with the society at large.

Here are other news from academic institutions:

H1N1 Spreads Throughout College Campuses.
The AP (8/28, Turner) reports, “Colleges across the country are seeing spikes in the number of students with suspected cases of swine flu as dorms fill up and classes begin for the fall semester,” and health experts believe “hundreds more could get sick as the virus winds its way through college campuses.” Georgia Tech in Atlanta “has had 150 suspected cases of the virus in the two weeks since students moved back to campus,” while at the University of Kansas, “almost 200 students have reported having flu-like symptoms in the last week or so.” University of Tennessee administrators “are estimating about 100 suspected swine flu cases on campus,” as the University of Alabama “had more than 50 cases of flu reported on the first day of classes last week. CDC spokesman Tom Skinner commented, “I don’t think we’re surprised by the fact influenza is returning to these campuses. What is concerning to us is people becoming complacent about this and not taking the steps we know can protect them.”

British virus expert warns of mutating swine flu strain. The AFP (8/28) reports that John Oxford, a professor of virology at Britain’s St Bartholomew’s and the Royal London Hospital, said during an interview with the AFP that the swine flu “is unlikely to become more virulent as it spreads through the northern hemisphere this winter,” adding “there will be more people in hospital and more deaths, but essentially it will be the same virus we have experienced in the summer, just more of it.” Oxford also cautioned that “once the virus has infected about a third of the world’s population — which is what we expect — it will find less ’susceptibles’. That is when mutants will have a selective advantage.”

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