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COMPETITIVE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Conference at Chandigarh, 29th Sept 2009

PEC University of Technology

Sector 12, Chandigarh , INDIA

The Success of an Engineer is marked by his /her competencies over a thorough ‘Product development’ with a promise to enhance the holistic Quality of life. The net improvement is defined by ‘gains@user’ minus costs which are borne by the society. Truly, Engineering profession were marked to serve as a win-win game, where there is no big loser, not even the environment, mother earth etc. The user is however the next door repairer, because an efficient engineer would have done it first time right- the designing, the production and the packaging of ideas, the needs and the complexities of a required product.

Complexities do not deter the engineer. They rather enthuse the engineer with an innovative zest, to outperform the available knowledge, and that competence may be displayed through exemplary product performance. The engineer however, has the onus to hone up his/her skills to be able to build that product @ lowest overall cost, and excel in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, undeterred by manufacturing limitations- For s/he has a continual wherewithal to evolve new manufacturing technologies.

Towards this objective it is planned to organize brainstorming over competitive product development strategies over a conference on Sept 29th 2009. The exact programme would follow.

Some experts have already consented to participate. Namely Prof Y P Kathuria, Visiting Professor Aichi Institute of Technology, Yakusa, Toyota , Japan will render on his work allied to Rapid Prototyping, net-shaping etc.

Others who have consented include Er Vijay Prakash Saha, WFO Chair- Energy,

Mr Debashish Sarkar, Head Operational Excellence ICICI Group, and author of several books ( Punblished by American Society of Quality), MD of HEC Ranchi etc.

You are kindly requested to kindly contribute a paper, which shall be published.

The papers may be on some of the following topics, but not limited to these areas:

1. ‘Complexities made simple’ in Competitive Product development

2. New manufacturing innovations

3. ‘Complexities made simple’ in Advanced Manufacturing

4. Process Control and Management in Competitive Product development

5. Efficiency and Effectiveness Paradigm in Holistic Product Design.

6. Advanced Product Quality Planning / Control

7. Simulation softwares in Competitive Product development

8. Metrics & Process Regulation in Manufacturing process

9. Standardisation

10. Use of Six Sigma & TQM in Manufacturing/ Product development

11. Lean systems in Product development


Prof P Thareja

Head Metallurgical Engineering Deptt.,

PEC University of Technology

Sector 12, Chandigarh , INDIA

E Mail:

Tel 91-172-2753951, 2753952

Fax 91-172-2745175

Organised By PEC University of Technology

Supported by The Institute of Indian Foundrymen,

The Indian Institute of Metals,

The Mohali Industrial association, Mohali, Chandigarh

Guru Nanak Engineering College , Ludhiana

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