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(Part 23:) Productivity to Profits - a staircase of success

People normally choose to rise on a staircase. But if one may not sustain over it, falling is imminent. However if a charted and strategically designed descent is on the agenda, the next planned rise should be terrific, paying and productive. The present work attempts to introduce the foundrymen to a paradigm of Profits linked with productivity, i.e. Profictivity.
The conventional belief has been that both profits and productivity are synergistic and the onus to maximize them rests with the organization. And that Customer is a mere impediment in the process. In the new wisdom, that customer is the supplier of money and the consumer of goods, which exert a pull of product on the organization involves the consumer into organizational team. Serve him well, and see his interests coincide with that of yours.
In the game to win the customer people tend to take shortcuts; with consequent negligence to some of system attributes or ‘hidden’ requirements. Some of the areas of shortcuts have been identified in this paper. The imperatives have been aligned on a staircase downwards, and a uniquely systematic and structured treatment duly portrayed to the process root cause analysis etc will continually facilitate operating the production (read profiting) system at high efficiencies and outcomes.
While exploring a workable paradigm for profits+ productivity, the paper concludes that managements must strive to improve utility and Profictivity and strengthen Vender-organisation- supplier teams (both internal & external) to develop foolproof systems for overall maturity gains.

Key Words: Reengineering, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), Process shortcuts, Customer’s pull and push, founding competence

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