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A Total Quality Organization Thru’ People

(Part 24 : Work and Worship Preys on Knowledge)

Work, either for worship or for workship, preys on Knowledge. For re-engineering good results – both from work, and/or worship – a comprehensive system understanding and plethora of process knowledge is mandatory.
Mantra for success is in being Lean, with complete submission to the purpose (which purports ultimately to the all-mighty God). A total involvement of body of knowledge for realization of objective mandates a synergy and devotion.
Work, for workship for Foundrymen, is in improving the commercial performance of foundries at a global level, holistic upliftment of the Foundrymen, with due skill development for founding and for personal elevation (worshipwise), and also at the organizational learning. The Foundrymen, therefore, must get involved in systematic development of all-round competencies with both worship and workship.
It is implied that our Foundries cannot sustain without recourse to energy- and environmental-efficiencies. Please recall the closure of Foundries abroad, where the technology or processes used did not conform to statutory requirements. Energy for wor(k)ship works with better regulation when the environments are pious and (c)lean.
Both worship and workship can be improved by technology. It is no wonder, and the objective realization is expedited commendably.
The paper addresses the modus operandi for assuming Leadership for Foundrymen which passes through wor(k)ship.

Key Words : Forces of Quality, Excellence , China vs. India, Work Culture, Takt Time, Simulation for Leadership

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