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Workshop on business management

Tribune News Service
Chandigarh, June 22
“If one wants to check pollution in one’s organisation, it does not mean that one has to incur an additional financial burden”. This was stated by Mr H.S. Bains, Chairman, Haryana Pollution Control Board, while addressing participants of the one-day workshop on ‘Integrating quality and environment towards total business management’ held here today.

Attended by 36 participants from various foundries, pharmaceutical, acrylics and chemical manufacturing units etc, the workshop, first of its kind in the region, was jointly organised by the Institute of Indian Foundrymen and International Certification Limited.

Mr Bains explained how the mobil oil replacement system for generating sets was deferred for more than three months during the implementation of ISO 14000 standards.

Addressing the participants, Prof P. Thareja of the Metallurgical Engineering Department, Punjab Engineering College, stressed the need for quality equipment, energy, enviornment, quality management, reduction of waste and austerity.

Talking of eight principles of quality management and three principles of enviornment, Mr Sunil Thaman, associate vice-president, International Certifications Limited, spoke about the importance of leadership teamwork and the factual approach to decision making as tools for profitable business management.

Mr Ram Nath, general manager, SIDBI, said unless business management was linked with enviornment management, the industry would not be able to survive in the days to come. He reiterated that recycling and waste management activities were very essential for any organisation.

Mr Viney Kumar, honorary secretary of the Institute of Indian Foundrymen, proposed a vote of thanks.

Mid Semester Test II Foundry/ Metal Casting

Mid Semester Test II
Date of test 28th Oct 09

Syllabus for the test:
1 Basic rules for designing castings process/ of Product Designing (wheel )- cast products.
1. b) Competeitive schema of casting system (cores, Parting line, ribs,
Flexibility in designing)
1. c) Casting yield and its manipulation by risering. Yield
improvement by changing surface areas and Riser efficiency.

2.Competeitive analysis of cast products (especially w.r.t
Forging. Flow ) and its control in cast components. Squeexe casting/ Liquid forging for M E
2. Cost saving avenues
3. Gating Systems & Riser System rules
3. a Streamlining of Gating systems, Feeder design
4. Mehods of increasing Yield
5. Sound Casting - as product design
6. Cupola and Cast Irons Fe- C- Si alloys)
7. Related casting Defects
8. A CASE STUDY about above

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