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SHEQing the Potential Holistically for Power

Yes, India is very poorly managed at many places. One such case was targeted for analysis through this paper. That is regarding the (electrical) power production through Thermal Power plants, based on coal, transported over long distances into disparate states. While plethora of ash transported along the road (rail) leads to Fuel misuse, the ash dumping has proved to be excessively harmful and carcinogenic.

The solution was simple. Remove the cause, and the effects are automatically taken care.
Discover the potential for judicious energy management. If it is not easy ’shake it’. SHEQing is a termed coined by the author of this paper/ blog ( in 1997).

If this interests you read more. If you wish to download the paper. The link is given

The extension of Power is multifold, but the sustainability aspect is assessed only by its conformance to SHEQ-PC. It is because power developed, transmitted and used must be Safety, Healthy, Environment- friendly, Quality-oriented, Productively channelised in all these operations and Cost effective. One way to implement these is by meticulous planning, and rigid controls. The present work exemplifies the theme of providing holistic potential of competitiveness and dominance (power) by using PDCA. While the need is felt to make planners aware of the tool, they are also exhorted to rise above statehood and look at a holistic and global perspective w.r.t SHEQPC. It though calls for a discipline, a structured approach, and a devotion to the holistic ‘SHEQP’* management (Thareja, 2006). The case of implementing PDCA is exemplified with an integrated objective of energy conservation. Finally the winner is one who implements Quality management effectively and efficiently.

Keywords: Thermal power plant in Punjab, Deming application prize, energy conservation, transport of coal, facility /project planning design, Environment importance, PDCA, SHEQ-PC, Quality management

Thareja Priyavrat, Ritika Rani (2009), SHEQIng THE POTENTIAL HOLISTICALLY FOR POWER, Proceedings of National Conference on Problems Practices and Prospecrs in Power Distribution System Operation and Control (PPPPDSOC- 2009) ISBN 93-80043-01-5, Excel India Publishers, Ed Tilak Thakur, held at Punja. Available at SSRN:

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