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Dr Eilliam Edward Deming ( 1900?- 1993 ) was a Quality Guru par excellence. After him the highest Quality Award “Deming Application Prize) was instituted by Japan.

I have written a series of 10 articles about the teachings, and the culture on good values this Quality Guru has inculcated, published in Quality World. The series is titled as “D(R)E(A)MING FOR A QUALITY WORLD”.
The abstract of 4th (actually 10th) part is appended below. 2nd part was dedicated to Dr Deming’s 14 points, which were elaborated in 6 odd articles all published in Quality World.
You shall be able to download the part 4 titled as Let Each Child be Titled DEMING

download “Let Each Child be Titled DEMING”

If involvement in Quality may be total, then a person must be both hierarchically and laterally oriented in Quality. Laterally cooperation of people at the same level of operations is helpful and it can be vetted here that higher the synergy better should be the results. However when it is oriented hierarchically the results of Quality improvement can be preserved over time (ages) and also progressed in both Quality and sustainability.
The present work reiterates the need for inculcating Quality right from beginning. If a clear focus is provided right at a flexible state of mind, the development will be total and more effective.
By proposing a 4 P model the road map to a Quality Progress state is made. It may involve a Feed-back process as is done similar to a chain reaction stipulated for business processes. The resulting Quality Improvement Programme forms a loop, whose effectiveness is improved by step wise improvements in processes and results. This paper finally proposes a paradigm of designing explicit needs of the ‘Tomorrow’s World @ Today’s Actions’ (TWTA).

Key words: 4 P Model, Deming 14 points, Education, What is there in a Name, sustainability

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