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Karma is a Hindi word which signifies the need to perform ones duty. What one sows is that what one would reap. So the work one performs is associated with Quality, Continual satisfaction and so on.The adaptation in English is slightly truncated.

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Mentoring students or children is always a tough task. But if the child is put on - perfectly - over a path to success, half the job is done (which implies: Well begun is half done). A good process control in Gita - the holy Hindu guidebook - means aligning of Karma to a higher order task. Presumably, a well honed process indeed be resorted to while rearing a child, the success of an academe is in understanding and application of popular six sigma tool DMAIC (define, measure, analyse, improve and control). Setting up of a DMAIC for obviating bad results was argued in previous part “It is a Bad-Bad result (QW, May 2009)”. To continue the “Improvement” read on…

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