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People have potential, and people have power.
Neither of them in their individual capacity can be potent of continual progress.
But when both of them are missing…
God save the People…. Who can not use the potential of any Power.

Potential is the difference in local state with that of the distant state, and can be deployed for a useful purpose. The only requirement is that of communication. If that is distant, an Arc may be set up, to plug the gap.

If and when the transmission takes place, the phenomenon becomes powerful.

How this distance is enlarged because of Politicised Power, however, creates problems of sorts.
Further, The potential makes an economic difference. Analysis shall make sense when…

Read the following artice, which can be downloaded:

SHEQing the Potential Holistically for Power
Proceedings of National Conference on Problems Practices and Prospects in Power Distribution System Operation and Control, Excel India Publishers, at India, 2009
Ritika Rani Thareja and Priyavrat Thareja

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