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Measure the Quality of World is an abstract talk today, but it is the challengeous task of tomorrow
it is however essential to measure the Quality of world. What can’t me measured can not be controlled. Si if the Quality of the world must be controlled, then it should be measured.

Quality of the world is a complex subject. It is perhaps very exhausive, because neither the world, nor the Quality are properly defined as yet.

About this Quality World, the domain covered in the article, which may be from the following link will be evidenced. Decide after you have read the abstract below.

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Deming Metrics to Measure the Quality (of) World
The journey to Quality World passes through the imperative of upgradation of the Quality of World. Thanks to the Gurus the embryo of good Quality was installed, and it sustains at a pace which though small, continues to accelerate. It must cross a threshold to be noticed.

The journey is however subject to some interim assessments. One is the Deming’s application prize and its senior versions. The merit list demonstrates the success achievable and achieved by Indian companies. It sustains to continue too. Following such contribution by a not so developed nation (both in terms of Quality and Technology) if each ensemble of the world attempts to contribute harmoniously to the cult of Quality, it is sure that Quality (of) World will be assured. If you are aligned, read on.

Keywords: TQM, Deming Application Prize, Energy Conservation, Indian Deming Award winners, A tribute to Deming-poem

Quote the reference if you need to:
Thareja, Priyavrat, Deming Metrics to Measure the Quality (of) World (October 27, 2009). (D(R)E(A)MING for a Quality World, Part 3, Vol 5, No. 10, pp. 4-11, October 2008. Available at SSRN:

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