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Published DOOM QUALITY WITHOUT FREEDOM, Vol. VI, Issue 10, pp. 3-7, October 2009 download a copy

How can one enjoy work- is a good question both for the employer and the employee. Consider the work which is as taxing and conclusive as fighting a war. Believe it, if the soldier is not trained, he would simply run away from the battlefield. If it were difficult to avoid duty, as a consequence of internal and/or external pressures, then the result is as expected. The question of avoiding duty will in no case spare the soldier, for he is comes back without facing the bullet, he would in any case be termed as ‘bad quality’. Truly cowards die hundred deaths before their actual death. The actual death does not come as a part of an inspection, but as a result of consummation. failures in interim are inspections to prove one’s fitness. If standard of training were good and culture/ motivation high, then there is no need of interim inspections, for it will be covered up adequately by systemic maintenance. The present work is an attempt in evaluating the freedom to work; before success or after success. The example from military rigour is only to demonstrate conceptually the interrelations of Quality, Competence, Joy and freedom. As a dialogue in page 3 enforced: “You have to be in the system to change the system”, it is worthwhile considering the rudiments in improving system performance.

Keywords: Process chart, Quality defined as duty and discipline, Light Machine Gun (LMG), Demings 14 points

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