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Are we aware that we live?
Not until someone makes us aware of the fact that ‘We have made that difference’!
When the doing were good - the awareness that we live is positively poised, and in contrary situation it is disgusting.

At times the environment makes us realise that why is living more difficult; more precarious? It is a result of not our doing. But are we sure?
Intuitively I do, or I do not, until one Builds one’s Intuition - 6 Steps Channeled by Alana-Heart The Free 21-Page eBook on Intuition is at

The result of our collective misdoings is certainly reflected in the globe. One such sin we are increasingly made aware of is Climate Change. The global warming due to Carbon Dioxide.

Sure we wanna read more about it- about the causes annd effects of Global Warming and even download a calculator for global warming: These links will serve you well! The download book on ABC of self awareness is also there to download. Enjoy!

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* Cumulative CO2 emissions by country
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* Stopping global warming is risk management

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