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Looking for a Job?
You will learn how to select the best job provide search engine/ web site?

Job search has become a very specialized process thanks to (i) the domain of job providers/ seekers having become global (ii) Domains of new competencies have boomed, requiring specyalised people for each set of job; (iii) Number of professional web sites, facilitating the process, have introduced extensive automation, which tend to make the process complex yet very potent.

Towards this aim the work has been aimed to address specialized nature of professional services both on behalf of seeker and provider. This paper attempts to serve the planners and the job seekers.
Looking for a Job - Of Quality. (July 5, 2010). Quality World, No. 5, May 2010.

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1. Posted bybhanu sengar on August 24th, 2010 at 4:21 pm


I am an ex student of PEC(2006 2010) batch. Total Quality Management was our course in the sixth semester(the only course in which i attended all the classes barring one or two), and and it still remains one of the finest courses ever being taught, courtesy your experience and knowledge.

I had a conversation with you regarding the possible links TQM has with Philosophy and what TQM Guru’s teach us today has been in front of us ever since. During that convrsation you gave me an example of the Karma Philosophy, which says concentrate on karma, which further could be extended to, If you concentrate on karma the product will be a conformity.

I have collected around six to seven instances when the basic philosophy is what the TQM gurus teach us, in their own way. I am writing a paper on it as well. I have joined MBA(International Business) at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi. This technical paper is the crux of my engineering learning.

Since i have not finished the paper yet, and I want to mention it in my CV, can you confirm it through mail. That will be of great help.


Bhanu Singh

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