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The Worthy advance of her through her!

Step by step

wearring a gentleman’s cap

he advances

towards her..

She awaits,

with open arms,

to be held,

duly picked up

in her lap.

However, a gap,

existed between him, and her,

and she slipped,

There would’ve been a mishap,

but there was a flap,

which came in between,

in the interim,

and she quipped?

There was a sudden clap,

over this chance fall,

or a feat,

which were engineered,

matching coordinates,

I feared,

were sketched, over a map.

The gap grew,

the fear flew,

and she took a fast nap,

as she lay in the flap,

the canvas was new,

though it was drenched in dew.

well, something slim,

came in between,

in her and him,

Yes, it was a tap,

of his slim fingers

of his strong hands


that it sounded as from a ‘rap’

but, on a wap

(wide area protocol)

it read,

that tap was made on a brass tap,

reported to be wrapped,

in canvas, red

And I was sad,

that the short lap,

in arcade,

was quite bad,

And, alas, I had

not expected,

the story between him and her

had so abruptly ended?



the advance


from step by step,

to a step in step,

lucky for the child,

who along with the mom,

had her father united.

Copyright 2010, Priyavrat Thareja

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