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If the mantra of the ’Total Human Evolution’ (THE) paradigms through Education, then it must have been implemented as ’Holean’. Thareja1, (2010) explores ’holean’ as medium of a worthy education which is simultaneously whole, holy and Lean. This calls for attributes which together contribute towards ’total competence development’ (TCD) of a person, no short of being holistic and holy.

The relevance of Godliness and goodness in education has been reiterated by various philosophers for rendering a total effectiveness. This is synergistic with being holy. Together with freedom and creativity the growth factors will proliferate only when the education is lean. The paradigm of a wholly built up learning through Lean principles is knit around the core thinking of freedom, aesthetics, and a learning environment. A few institutions/ countries have already implemented each of these independently for commendable results. However for implementing them in a holy way, difficulties have been experienced. But when the people are oriented with lean thinking, the implementation will be improved. This work revolves around the paradigm of a successful development of ’the total human development through education.

Keywords: Total Human Evolution thru’ Education (THEE), Holy, holonic, holistic, sustainable education, Krishnamurti, religiousness in education.

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