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Dear applicant to ME TQEM

This is a test mail.
Your application has been received for this course.
The number of seats are 18 + 3 for sponsored students.
All ME part time candidate ( though his course is by compulsion, a part time course), yet all those who have sponsorship certs are likely to be preferred ( notionally).
then those with NOC to complete ME.
So please get prepared.

Though we have no inhibition for Freshers joining this course. The earlier one has exposure in Quality, the better it is.( Much much before the degree time), perhaps starting from the womb.
So better to start now.

Quality is always in high demand.
There is a Quality department in every company.
Some have six sigma departments
Most organizations are required to earn ISO 9000 certificate.

The salary for six sigma professions is rs 25000 higher than his/her non six sigma counterpart. and being auditor… a privillege
This ME course will sure provide the prerequisites.

See you. and welcome again. If you have FAQ/s they will be possibly addressed for all at my web site, which had a welcome note for the 6th sem class earlier:

some reading

And links to some of my articles?

Prof P Thareja
Principal Programme Coordinator

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