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I lied on the torn velvet ,like a helpless weakling ,with my hands clasped below the head.Fearfully though, i continued to feel the simultaneous caress of the streamlined fibres of the velvet, while the disposition to gaze the stars at (in)finity above me was being continuously distracted due to the constant pinch of the streak of coagulated threads of the shaneel underneath. Suddenly the severity of the feeling of this alternate tenderness and harshness of the intermediate medium underneath started increasing ,as if there was a wriggling motion of a wave of carpet under my foot. I was begining to remember the motion of a wave of rising carpet as recently read by me in our manufacturing science book by Lindberg,but no!.The progress of the resurrection could no longer proceed further, as the horribility of the motion of the wave front grew albiet in an unprecedented direction , away from what would have been theoretically possible. yet it was not a hypothetical wave in the wee hardness of the velvet, but an actual motion as if a reptile had presented itself through the frills of the under-spread duly overflowing downward.

The mere learning of the presence of a woobly little creature,whom we call a snake, in a company of my cozy bed shriveled a frill of chill down my spine, and i wondered if latter’s velocity were greater than that of electrons flowing through the wire? Well it wasn’t the time for thinking in terms of what is correct in physics, but rather the palpable displeasure of a something that simultaneously traveled upwards , in a direction opposite to the flow of body neurons.Yes i felt that along with the pungency of that retreat of neurons,the serpentine toohad approached upwards,and it was now sneaking into the cave of my lower back,with the head first within which lay the elixir of eternity for pious.

But a common human being like me had only to fear of the sins.Thereby the pray to Lord for pardon, and to the blessing so that i do only good,and scare of the earthly evils was obvious. I left no time wasted to match the probable action of the reptile with the saving grace,i could invite God to grant, while i waited the creature to show up on the other side of my body cave. But it did not , and never. Until i woke up,only to find me badly perspiring Drenched in sweat,my hands were much more firmly clasped below my head than that i had thought. However i remembered that what one recollects in times of exigencies is in the reinvention of good deeds in ones life. Who said ‘JHOOT BOLE KAUVA KATE!’ The displeasure of evils was much worse than i had originally thought.

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1. Consulting the Management for Man2Metamorphosis Page 9 of 27 9 abstract reproduced below.

2. Thareja, Priyavrat, Cast’ing People in Continuous Quality Improvement (October 16, 2011). OmniScience: A Multi-disciplinary Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 1-20, October 2011. Available at SSRN:

The 14 Principles Guru Gobind Singh Cultivated to Societal Stability

3. Classrooms of 2020

Comparative Analysis of PowerPoint and Blackboard Teaching Methodologies

Consulting the Management for Man2Metamorphosis

An organic activity always supports itself with outside help. The present work
uses SETs of men to graduate them as Assets for an organization. The group
of operators deployed by the organization forms one set.
When the individual competencies of men are augmented, the total competency
of a SET at a gross level is better encashable; but it is a function
of rigour of designing of the SETs. To what extent the ingenuity is exploited,
depends upon the manager’s management process. The success of
assessment process to identify individual competencies is thus vital. How
should the man be deployed as a ‘manger’ is the suggested tool to
metamorphism, undertaken by slow training and by SETting up
organizational tasks effectively.
This work statistically exemplifies how the assessment may be conducted at
various levels, and verified for validity embracing an all-around agreement
on the level of 10 most coveted imperatives. The argument as to why an
indulgence of a third party consultation is deemed necessary is also
attempted as a parallel feature. The set up is expected to lead the practitioner
a long way enroute to Improve organizational efficiencies.
Key Words: Strategic Alignment, role of HR, synergy of people in teams.
Man as an asset, SET formation.

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