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It’s a Strange Eve,
On The Valentine Day 2003
Feb 14, 2003

My knocked out Love.

I deeply adored you! Much From the core of my heart,
But that never made an ado for you to crack, sweet-heart.
Though valentine’ous threats had’me greeting with bloody spears.
Yet continued I, to love you, with no fears and nil peers.

However to breach that gap, my desire pre-empted farther,
To propose straight to you: to let me drown into you deeper,
Through your ravenous eyes, which, say, scared each intruder,
Including me, until I was overwhelmed by your beauteous slumber.

Like being hypnotized, allowed I myself to flow into your eyes,
Duly conforming to the Vortex of your desires and disguise,
Well, as you were set just to absorb me drown into you deeper,
Your devilous acts scorned you to close your eyes without fear?

Love knows no bounds, I knew now, having drained enough Sweat.
Unordained, your porcupinous thorns had that anaesthetic effects.
over my flow of emotions, which fell short of prefect,
Well that was a short end of making my love story blatant.

@ 2003 Priyavrat Thareja

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