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The learning quality stimulus

The governance of education quality….
is critical, as it is spread over a wider domain;
yet, it is intentionally oriented to brevity
as if many in multifocal efforts in vein?

basics not known? added stanza
While Quality of quality education is pursued….
Consistently, chasing of objectives,
For achievement,
due fulfillment,
as if it were a commitment,
endured as a discipline,
which will develop a highest knowledge stance!

viz Eklavya – who demonstrated acquiring essentials remotely,
solely, and quietly, yet securely,
In the guise of the Guru – Dronacharya,
Who had deprived him of any mentoring absolutely,
What had Eklavya acquired them all, totally!

Later, a jerk, that shook Arjuna, with pain….
led him to an awakening,
over a realization,
for that Eklavya’s sacrifice,
against which he would always be seconded

That though a borrowed Thumb,
Dead, out from Eklavya dreaded,
a faith in self and the promise,
the opportunist Guru had in him implanted.
That helped secure Arjuna’s place, or pace
to be the ‘greatest shooter’, well in the offing.

The destiny was to have deserved that supremacy,
Lest Eklavya should join the other side of brutality
With which opportunist Drona redefined chastity.

Through Incapacitated thumb,
in the guise of a GuruDakshina so dumb.
Drona designed to waste Eklavya’s practice!
But, will knowledge unlearn the essence of erudity,
Weighted against Eklavya’s supremely learning patience!

Enthused for a cultural change, and commitment,
Arjuna behoved such expectations for a newer success
With great Results and still better outcomes.
It however enforced a re-approving environment…
New experimentations for learning all in tandem
such celebrations are likely to tone up the succession.

If Eklavya’s kind of a Learning theme beckons us,
Of a distant, but however oriented stimulus.
We envision greatest objectives of a ‘Quality inputs’,
at the behest of a devoted disciple,
even, pseudo stimulus amidst a quality process,
proved such ‘concomitance’ would make outcomes quadruple.

© copyright 2014, Priyavrat Thareja


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