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All it takes is just a look around us to know that nature has given us abundant clues on living a life of purpose. [Possibly] we have not spared the time to do so. We are caught up in web of “fast moving life” concept and are always in a hurry.

We [should learn from] the little ants [who] are persistent and they just wont give up:

Ants are courageous,
They have the confidence to challenge an elephant…
these are open and come out of hiding with confidence.

Ants are quite focussed
They have a sense of direction…
both vectorially,
and of fulfilling the objectives.

The ants are two types, the white and the brown/black
One must learn a great deal from them,
by being serious, and not superficially saying: fantastic
and soo good, cute, prolific,
rather than stick to serious learning…..
like the ants, persevering, perspiring, and constantly working..

For, ants are persistent,
and many a times in that endeavour
to achieve the unachievables.:idea:

Ants follow a rigour,
They have a group approach.
They manage their tasks well.

These are not mantras to chant
these are not a piece of hollow advice
The Ants wear no pants,
That does not mean they aren’t like us wise.:confused:

Priyavrat Thareja

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