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Energy is not a mere meaningful word, a bare
system of quantifiable work, or belle dance,
Or scientifically, a calory giving substance.
Proverbially it is seldom driven like a mare
But it is always kinetic, in an actual stance

This ‘Kinetic’, is the buz word in world of energy,
Brimming with power, buzzing our technology,
Reckoning a force, in tandem with synergy
Ever rhythmic molecules, all scattering energy
Cause of all dynamics, yet a slave of technology

That our Energy mothers all motion,
Kinetic or dynamics are not mere notions,
With mass they create a precious momentum
Concurrently applied, they produces acceleration
Conclude with a smile, because the work is done

But for commencing work, an input is implied,
Say, to increase temperature, can Fire be deprived
of fuel and Air; through burner they need be supplied
Sure, expediting results excesses in turn get applied,
They cause various troubles, when results are belied

Results than become great issues, Energy-less
Because such issues are rather issue-less
Not to be promulgated in vain, or profess
They are grave mistakes in handling of a furnace,
Follow the following advice, and live in grace

“The curse of all activity is when heat is applied more,
Makes the furnace gastric, Burps hot metal as gore,
Increasing flue gas emission, making weather sore
So, exercise caution, don’t ever use it like a whore
It’s capable of giving quality, high profits and more”

Copyright 2002.
Prof Priyavrat Thareja
Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh

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