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Hair, kept well is no crime,
question here is: when devoid of shine!
these are no longer worth a dime.
So it, of task prime, is
to call, a specialist barber to re-align,
who may bring it back to rhyme!

Hair, kept well is sure, no crime,
albeit the investments: money or time,
from a personality- so sublime
when hair become la-porcupine,
or support lice, as from a swine,
baldness is inevitable in (no) time,
Ruling out, all future designs of mine.

Lost Hair is, though, no crime,
san the investments: money or time,
or, any design oriented hassels or indulging,
albeit in their straightening; or, back as virgin,
or in maintaining its luster, spa or shine,
Alas! all those initiatives were lost for a dime.

Losing hair was intense pain - cause benign,
but evolutionary pleasure mattered as sublime,
Well, to get a dexterous, benign, persona divine,
I seek a new chastity, a personality, and chime!
ah! a shaved head is sure to pull one on cloud nine.

Copyright 2015, Priyavrat Thareja

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