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My published verses.Personal Development

So forget shopping list. Will it obviate problem or write off.. ??

On the onset, I was serious to see the real problem and seek the possible solution!..
But alas!

Well! Le’me attempt some causes to the problem.?.

The technology gave us gadgets and gizmo’s
The intent to do things double time added some more load.
the parents were in a haste to see their child is worth putting into a leadership/ earning position fast.
and we started loading her with laden weight….

As a result…
Her health suffered!
Her brain choked
Her patience stroked
and her character got bold! with tons of knowledge Load!..
..and the culture/ social values freezing Cold…
This kind a education was euphorically sold
with a big promise of granting them 24 carats gold!
But who hides the Right Mold?
Priyavrat Thareja

Need for Reconstruction of Buildings for Producers Net Working
Rajnish Prakash, Priyavrat Thareja
Mid Term Session & Seminar on Building Construction Technology for the New Millennium
INDIAN BUILDINGS CONGRESS held on 22-23, Oct, 1999 at Chennai

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