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Prof P Thareja conducted a session on “Setting of Question Paper for Subjective Examination” in the Learning Centre, GNA University on 23rd Jan 2016 targeting it towards a realignment of assessment system with Quality of Teaching & Learning. The session was conducted around the trilogy principle of addressing (i) Learning Outcomes (LO), (ii) matching the requisites of Evaluation instrument (Quality of Question Paper) towards stipulated LO’s (iii) conducting a Test of Significance, with relevant statistical parameters to ensure the criteria are met.
The other stance of trilogy was a consideration of holistic evaluation @ Better, Faster, and Cheaper paradigm of testing, which Prof. Thareja supported citing earlier his analytical and experiential interactions at Panjab University (incl. UBS) and PEC University of Technology. Recalling a difficult Roster of duties for the academe, this paradigm helps maximize teaching time for the academe which always is pressurized, thanks to the importance of extra-curricular activities vital for holistic student’s development. The evaluative instrument should therefore be optimally designed to manage space for learning for various dimensions of academic process while being qualitatively rich in testing at a higher level of Taxonomy. He sketched the applicable rules, both @ selection of stipulated rubrics for necessary level of taxonomy, and also facilitated the prefix statements with the help of which, and within the implicit knowledge domain, the desired question matching any LO can be designed.
Citing case studies of CBSE he exemplified how the principles in two Trilogies were duly emphasized, and how a judiciously set question paper could be used for discrimination of the students Better, Faster, and Cheaper. On the other hand the imperative was to maximize the cult of continual assessment – a component integral with the teaching and learning journey. Relating with the theory of Quality Engineering that promulgates massive inspection could be avoided, he brought home the need of continual assessment which only could steer the learner to have qualified with LO’s to each one’s satisfaction.

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