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There was a pinky-healthy butterfly ,
Which, as yet, could not fly,
Nor could it flap its wings,
Cause it hadn’t be thru’ Larva, Pupa and things!

The ‘other thing’ is termed as ‘Transformation’,
An Innovative Change from erstwhile formation.
For, the butterfly as yet was only an egg.
In its Life journey, It was at its first leg.

Through its life cycle all formations,
Or changes are physical, without incarnation,
Yet when it will blossom into a butterfly,
Colours get added to all stages that were silly!

For, it gets access to due intellect,
@ divinity of God, omnipresent,
With His blessings, intelligence is born,
So as to make life cycle worthy some.

So, helps a butterfly for colorful effects to learn,
In its handling, by maintaining a delicate concern,
Also, helps a butterfly in flower’s progenation,
And children’s amusement @ no intervention

The divine education is what you aspire,
Believes ‘Priya’ as in GU one perseveres,
A worthy place to earn blessings dear,
And impacts, which you will lifelong admire

© 2016, Priyavrat Thareja

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