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Engineering as a ‘cleverness’ paradigm is WOW!

While this engineer’s WOW is no where low,
Be it at house, indoors, or in the meadow,
In health care, shopfloor, a road, or their shadows,
At good times you make the earth systems to bow!
Though your each action or word deserves a Kudo!

Many after effects may need be humbled somehow?
Viz. Engineering – you gave man the Arms!
So as to mechanise the works of his palms,
For, say untouched tilling of soil in farms,
Enabling safety - thru’ quietly operating alarms,
Your elite presence in a nation serves as ‘Balm’,
The Sappers assure peace, making intruders calm,
By using bursts, or singles; all fired from ‘Arms’
say, integrating arms & Arms is their just Norm!
Engineer, in your styles get all innovations worn,
In fields you serve, where prosperity gets sworn,
The industry is your main battleground e.g. PARM

I’m’possible is a paradigm that in you gets governed!
Machines are your forte, using both hard & soft turns
Countless integers get managed, knowledge adorned
You support in computers a ‘RAM” infinitely merged,
Today a ‘cloud’ attribute is getting Industry- 4 urged!
In short, to your societal contributions, I get bowled,
Though sustainability issues somewhere got fouled,
It is the Change, that She in its dire reality fuelled
With qualte-k-nology is then each challenge mulled,
Improving quality of life is what gets encouraged!
It is the ‘wow’ effect that your deeds got scourged.
Impossible is the aspect that is waiting to get fudged.

© 2016, Priyavrat Thareja

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