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A Marathon continues…….Personal Development

A Marathon continues
of Unfettered and untiring participants
who have rather anxiously awaited…
‘perhaps for the like of a previous baton to arrive’

So it was to be augmented by yet another marathon….
Which joins the former
Whether in rear or in front?..
Does it matter, as long as there is a harmony?
in those two joining streams!

As long as the marathon,
continues to maintain an order,
Within the several buffs and tuffs
on ritually a track, apparently devoid of pleasures?
But marathon’s perennial tracks!
still determined for ‘Semper Sursum’
Faithfully marathons….

That’s how this marathon,
Beating challenges by the Tons
Continues to Run…. faster and furthur,
with implicit motivation and a promise of a new Sun,
albeit with a difference.. in this new millennium!

The difference is not in order, or in Lead
It’s not even in the detested disorder, the high growth rate pleads!
After all, the marathon implies competing, with valor -o- speed
Yet if that continues to maintain a spirit of brotherhood….
Then; the marathon is won.

Still be it “a marathon”
albeit plenty of stimulation and plethora of fun.
So, continues the marathon…….

© 2001 Priyavrat Thareja

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