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A partner in progress.
is what I regress 1 ,
when I Love IIF*
(*The Institute of Indian Foundrymen,
- Theme on Partners in Progress on/for Golden Jubilee: 17 Aug 1999 souvenir )

We, the partners do wish that
your sand field becomes a day and night match2,
only when you want to challenge for betterment.

So Foundryman , wake up and smell the coffee3,
and stop gonking 4 about the hidden threats to foundry,
Recognize opportunities, over threats why puh-leeze5?

Comb your courage, and summon up all your rage,
to throw sand on the face of InterNational (MN) C,
but only after you update your technology.

Wikiwiki 6 Foundryman, the time is short,
Be over your battlefield (foundry) a gym-rat 7;
Yours’ competitiveness can only scare those dumping brats,

When your Foundry is your braving life partner,
If it’s your music, and your future spanker8
Partner-ing team work; Chain9 is your only banter.

Focus, Craft strategic architecture, reggae all dreadlocks,
Have a power nap and Rev up your technological strengths,
that’s the way you manage change, and find a strong base.

Don’t become a cactus10, but a work alcohalic,
Modernise, reengineer, experiment over success Elixir,
Sure, you’ll celebrate your success over fun and frolic.

Come and let’s celebrate the success of a partner,
Come and share effective ideas, for the worthy route to progress,
That’s the way - we together - partners of progress -can become the engine of success.

(copyright 1999 © Priyavrat Thareja )
1Way of life, 2Deciding encounter, 3Come to the senses/ realities
4 Lying/ closing your eyes, 5indignation, 6Quickly 7Competitiveness obsessive, 8 The way you would like your Foundry to be , 9Chain of people, business partners, employees, 10Drunk

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