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Lage Raho Munna bhai !
……For, you have become a good fellow.
over with Rowdies, and Gunda-ism now.
From a mad Bull, to like of a peaceful Cow!
Bringing in you –a good Change? How?
that extols many film goers now……

Munna bhai Lage Raho!

Na Bura Suno! Na Bura Kaho!
Leaving all Bad jobs (Dhunda’s) in a row!
to Good advice of Bapu, being constrained to bow,
Sowing good seeds, to reap them well you do show!…..
following bapu’s advice No Bura tum now Dekho!

(Mahatama Gandhi’s three monkeys had though no ado?)

Munna bhai Lage Raho!

One good forthcoming advice was pretty wise..
Bapu ki Oant mein hai bahut bhalai!
‘Vital Learnings’ hai sab ne picture mein payee!
Aur Bapu ki Reinforcement ki alag badhayee!
Each-one ki Ho gai koi-na-koi kamai!

Ah! Kya Picture hai Baap! Tum ne banai !
Quality or variety, what entertains and why ?
That is what I still can’t, can’t decide!
But there are good memories and teachings to abide!
And nothing from goodies, you may have to hide!

So mast hai munna! Munna bhai Lage Raho!

Thankful I….. Ki bapu ki yaad tum ne karvai
Whether it were in Mumbai or be in Hawaii ,
Karegi yeh har jagah super bhalai!
Ek bhala Munna ki tarah, tum bhi karo !
Lage Raho,Munna bhai! Lage Raho!

© 2006, Priyavrat Thareja

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