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A poem can do wonders!.Teaching Page

A worthy Poem is a ‘playground’, full of ideas,
Like small - big balls, bullyed in a conceptual space,
With all 26 alphabets, rearranged, at each intent;
acronym for a “Place, to Open - Emotions and Moments”,

This “Place, - to Open - Emotions and Moments”,
Is more ‘disciplined’ like soldiers or forwards,
Given the limited space, it does not stop explorations,
- A battle field or football ground, limits no attempts!

This “Place; Opening - Emotions and Moments”,
possess more ‘meanings’ than the ‘words’ provided,
expending more reach than the thoughts sighting,
with much more ideation, san the feeble content!

This place can sure embrace, to hide, vast oceans,
Here, Emotions cause explorations to know - unknown
Or, attempt some moments, that ‘rediscover the known’
Like a pen in verse is mightier, than its prosaic version.

A Poem is thus a rhythm, or thoughts and presentation,
Spearheading immense power, even in its limited version
Which says much more than exquisite words in action,
Of a subject, the success is in its conceptual celebration.

© copyright 2017, PriyavratThareja

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