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From a small needle to a ship that is large,
While the small in sea sinks, and the big brawls,
A man - who ingeniously sees science that befalls,
So as a create a product that society enthralls,
Or create wealth, adding value to resources all,
She is an Engineer clever, as the public her calls.

It is a indeed considered as a wondrous feat,
to implant joy in her learning, as she retreats,
from the scientific school, who principles teach,
and each teacher as a Principal who can breach,
a narrow appreciation, that for engineers crèche!

We, as school, that productive applications preach…
With all powers, at GU, inculcate a JOY in learning,
Applying skills – like creating power from burning!
To say, create speed @ safety & satisfying yearning.
By burning millions candles, she slogged studying,
And earn that “wondrous feat‟ cunningly - by creating

Such is the power that we harness, from science,
Manipulating, beating as of an egg, cheating for alliance,
Treating with conscience, all for the new paradigms!

For, our vacation is unparalleled, and of value prime
Paramount contributions, and a humility sublime!

© 2016, Priyavrat Thareja

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