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The practitioner’s ingenuity,
to develop solutions
for a-la-carte  technical,
societal and commercial problems,
- even that be in space,
is Engineering –
as if envisaging and realizing,
‘an Airport’ in Air.

S/he creates space,
albeit at a – so so pace,
deploying Industrial engineering,
or, ‘Integrating’ circuits, to begin with,
on a tiny motherboard in despair,
arduously, by removing dirt,
as in an evacuated room,
yet, being very full of air!

After all, any space is fair,
That gives solace to engineering
be it, an airport in Air
if necessarily it be in offing!.

Still, in our Universal Space,
where, one is in the race,
albeit, for an easy success to embrace;
but, engineers quite work in solace!
For, amidst hard -n- soft loading,
busy nodes see no landing a la- rejoice!
all in the air!

As Times Ascent accented:
Alas! The unsung heroes of Modern India –
the engineers, never got any grace
even, for building a base,
for aeroplanes in despair,
Seeking a place of rest
all in the Air.

Eventually, a call for an engineer,
who sights a solution..
with one’s insights of STEM
through humorous anecdotes of life,
and a system’s techno-collaboration
despite some vague ideas
and their inhibited inclusion!
But for, a worthy translation,
to a conceptual actualization,
of thematic suppositions,
Yet, the engineer works
for its eventual realization!
And, we see no difficult preposition,
in building, even an Airport,
all in the Air.
……for an interim rest….
Between the planet Mars,
And our earth-station, here;
We will have an Airport.
All In Air.
© 2016, Priyavrat Thareja
eNVVY, May 2016

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