The Guys and Gals of my Hind

In the medieval part in country Hind,
There lived some Guys and Gals in a Pradesh called Sind
The Guys never did use their mind,
That’s why they got severely left behind,
(No wonder they followed, in vain, the scent of daffodils in wind!)
But that complacency allowed Sind drift away from Hind

2005 Priyavrat Thareja

In the medieval part in country Hind,
People’s ego falsely rose, too high to be lost by the wind!
But before that it left them fairly behave as blind,
though emotionally the remained religious and kind,
Someone coolly patented their Basmati Rice and Tamarind

2005 Priyavrat Thareja

Classical Indian Education

The curriculum of education in Gurukulam,
Produced disciples as cool as lamb.
Though as tall in values as a tomb,
And as secure in knowledge as child in womb.

Mythologically they well aquainted with God Ram,
Yet mystically they were equally cupid with small RAM
Using PC’s to operating excellence of PARAM ( Indian Super Computer)
It is integrating technologically with precious DHARAM
Such, Gurukulam Shishyas today can holistically plan,
What rest consider as Chewing (iron) Grams.

ã 2005 Priyavrat Thareja

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