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answers to Dr. Deming Quiz

Oh! the Questions
A: Obviously 14 th Oct 1900, Would the Quality Guru be merely 14 odd years of Age as on today?

A: Obviously (He was not alive on the ill fated day of 9/11/ 2002

3rd: Deming indeed was a Musician* (see Note below).

All Four works were that of Dr Deming; Indeed no less work Fifth … No No

For transforkation Dr Deming’s work is a real Light House. ( The last one)

P Thareja

*David Salsburg wrote:

“He was known for his kindness to and consideration for those he worked with, for his robust, if very subtle, humor, and for his interest in music. He sang in a choir, played drums and flute, and published several original pieces of sacred music.” (page 254, The Lady Tasting Tea)
[Ref Deming and his statistical methods are profiled in Chapter 24 of The Lady Tasting Tea by David Salsburg}


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