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The International Quality Guru ( Why only American?) taught that by adopting appropriate principles of management, organizations can increase Quality and simultaneously reduce costs.
Dr. W. Edwards Deming gave 14 points (12 of which were used to Build Japan, as we know her today. The last 2 points were added to plug the gap of “right Chemistry” Americans or the world lacked.)
Here is a small Quiz on Dr. Deming ( in lighter vain):

1.When was Dr. Deming born?
14th Oct 1900
9th Nov 2002
2. Which of the following Does not belong to Dr Deming:
a) The system of profound knowledge
b) The theory of knowledge
c) The Knowledge of variation
d) The Knowledge of psychology
e) The theory of Knowledge of Profit & Money

3.Why did Deming compare the word ‘Orchestrate’ for Quality?
a) Because Deming was himself a musician?
b) The group which implemented Quality were known as Orchestrate
c) It is Japanese Synonym?

4.Why does Deming propose:
“The first step is transformation of the individual. This transformation is discontinuous. It comes from understanding of the system of profound knowledge. The individual, transformed, will perceive new meaning to his life, to events, to numbers, to interactions between people”.
a) The transforkation of individual is achieved in a normal class room
b) The transforkation of people is only necessary in case of individual involeved in Quality Management.
c) The transformation can be effected in educated people
d) Paradigm of Transformation is a light house of Total Human Development

P Thareja

The Answers are simple. For answers click here:
Answers to Deming Quiz

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1. Posted byJohn Hunter on August 20th, 2007 at 7:15 am

For those interested in more on Deming’s ideas, I have put together some thoughts on Deming’s Management philosophy. Also my Curious Cat Management Improvement blog Deming category includes many posts on the topic.

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