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“Go” incidently is not a word. It is a sentence. It is the smallest sentence in English Language. It is a world which can be used for motivation. See for yourself!Go! Only to Come Back’Go’ is a game. Like ‘Kho’ is a name, predominantly played in schools by girls.

The Asian game of Go has a fascinating vocabulary, including terms of great relevance to everyday life:

Tesuji is “skillful play”, mastery of tactics — important, but incomplete without strategic understanding.
Lightness refers to efficiency and poise — a readiness to take on whatever challenges may appear.
Sente is the initiative — an action so important that others must pay attention and respond.
Gote, the opposite of sente, is a low-priority activity — something that can be deferred until there is time.
Thickness is strength, an aura of power which influences events even a great distance away.
Aji (literally “taste” or “flavor”) means latent energy — long-term potential for good or ill that persists, ready for activation at the appropriate moment

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