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PERFORMANCE.Personal Development

“I think it is an immutable law in business that words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises — but only PERFORMANCE is reality.”
- Harold S. Geneen 1910-, American Accountant, Industrialist, CEO, ITT
“What the statesman is most anxious to produce is a certain moral character in his fellow citizens,

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“”Perfor***ce (man) …Perfor’ce you are required to demonstrate it with resuts.
So some say ‘Performance’ is the other side of personal development.

Good workers display results. Bad workers make excuses. Hoowever, pressure to Per’force ‘results’ should not ’suck the success’ out. So performance is always accompanied by moderate pressure. Low or High presssures both are detrimental.”"
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“It is much more difficult to measure non-PERFORMANCE than PERFORMANCE. PERFORMANCE stands out like a ton of diamonds. Non-PERFORMANCE can almost always be explained away. Harold S. Geneen 1910-, American Accountant, Industrialist, CEO, ITT

*Wish to read exerpts from What’s to be done about performance reviews? concluded by Prof Jim Heskett Harward Business schools Working Knowledge in

Harward Business Reviews
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Exective summary of Performance Review:
What can we do to make performance reviews more productive and less distasteful? Should their objectives be scaled back to just one or two? Should they be disengaged from the determination of compensation and, if so, how?

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+ ve Attitude

Quality, at-times, can lag Costs; while at a race of competition
An Organisation’s Run may sometimes be biased in intention,
Yet, people and people only control any ill-Quality intervention,
Including threats to process or product Quality preservation,
No common endeavor, ever, is belied amidst global frustration.

In the Quest, and to lay an unwielding and all-firm foundation,
Winning Challenging tasks is a game-plan used by all nations,

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A Total Quality Organization Thro’ People

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Any decision making process needs a base: of data, information, logical analysis, capability and risk taking. A small decision like moisture control in our Foundries practically has large repercussions, while a decision of smaller hierarchy (of limiting the Founding defects to say Zero Defect or six sigma level or even 5 sigma level) can have very large repercussions. The situation is therefore fuzzy. To what extent the moisture be appended over yesterday’s log in mulling of molding sand for green sand process (because it had rained a day before) is another fuzzy decision. Why our people are required to be equipped for correct decision making, and to what extent, is the purpose of this paper.

Two kinds of Fuzziness concurrently prevail in human minds.

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A Total Quality Organization Thro’ People
(Part 11) Insulate the People from Quantity
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The complex of Quality and the challenge of quantities have always been an exercise bothering People (including managements). The race (in business process) to meet pressing delivery schedules, and ever increasing quantities, has always threatened ‘Quality’, to the extent of causing a vicious circle. Through this paper

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