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“It is highly stimulating, and highly conceptual.”- Editor FOUNDRY

Total Quality Organisation through Prople-Part -17 : Impossible problem solver
—————————————-PART- 18 8-D ate thy Problems

If the author can think of a Possible Reason for any Black (unexplained) Lacunae which should be Engineered for Mitigation, then I call it a problem. If it is known or it cannot be solved, then it is a limitation. If it has been avoided attention, and has grown to be big with time, then it is a Crisis situation.
The system approach described by Quality underlies understanding of the imperatives of a problem or a crisis and drafting a fit programme to avert the operative parameters responsible for the erring situation. The system approach looks at the system holistically, and thus a problem is measured through its full scope and domain till a solution emerges.
The modus operandi of conceiving a Quality problem and reacting to it for a Foundry, as conceived by the author, is simple. Find the defect, recognize it. Learn everything about it. Segregate the ponderables. Stipulate the possible erring reasons. Integrate the impacting parameters with that of the environmental situations. Make relevant hypotheses. Study whether some hypotheses are significant, and if yes, determine strongly or weakly. Make a case to attack them and watch the response.
Though this paper is conceptual, it attempts to exemplify the hierarchy of solution engineering, taking cases of smaller issues revolving around the foundryman.
Key Words: Defect abatement, aversion of crisis situations, ABC analysis, 5W-1H, 5 Why, Quality Improvement

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1. Posted byCandie on July 12th, 2009 at 11:10 am

Prof Thareja
A true innovator.Great article and your approach to integrate this article plus quality definitions of defining - problem as a concept is amazing.

Myself engineer,having regional office in North India-looking for opportuntities in Chandigarh for providing Lean,Six sigma introductory sessions.

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