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Challenges come and they are won!
But that’s never the end of Journey.
God always test those who wanna demonstrate the endurance. For example, those who are truthful, are pressed into tiring moments, every moment prompting one to escape one’s skin through a lie, The problem will only come whwn it were most dreaded ( Yeah! This is Murphy’s law)

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The limerick:

For the difference in guys and gals in words plain.
consider, following explanation is in the lighter vein,
Boys are though smarter, intelligent and adventurous,
Girls are hard-working, sincere and quite studious,
The fact of boys being naughtier is seen in brain,

The specific human brains are exemplified hereunder:
Use Right click, and open both the links in separate windows, so that you can compare them,
learn and enjoy :-)
The Female Brain
The Male Brain

The real human brain. It’s wet, it’s wiggly and it’s wild.

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“Message, at the ist Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh’s Newsletter”
The time and place to get SET are always holy. But to sustain a place as holy, one must –>

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Dr. A. Sivathanu Pillai, Distinguished Scientist & Chief Controller R&D (ACE & NS) was in Pb Engineering College to address the students and Faculty on 5th Nov. 08, and gave a meticulous, inspiring and patriotic lecture.
He cited extensive competence to meet challenges of Technology to Indian Engineers, most times denied, with a big NO.
The question emerges, if that competence is available, then why does India lag in small and trifle things?

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Materials Handbook Link

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